Summer has arrived, so have a new variety of fruits in the supermarkets and on your reels.

Summertime, a Microgaming video slot, is based on a classic fruit salad theme. Players love it and know what to expect. This game was designed to make you feel at home from the beginning. You’ll find that the stakes are just as high, and there may be a few surprises.

Our full Summertime review will give you an excellent introduction to the game’s universe and the best ways to maximize the rewards in the paytable.

Grab a Fresh Fruit

Summertime is an old-fashioned slot machine that uses well-known features and doesn’t try to create a visual revolution.

The background is a light blue color that is almost uniform, reminiscent of an open summer sky. The reels are floating in the foreground. The buttons at the bottom are colorful and rectangular.

Summertime’s theme and graphics are standard, so we will move on to the gameplay to see if it offers anything new.

Classic Rules and Nothing Else

Summertime has a standard set of rules that allow experienced players to get a good start.

The match matrix consists of 5 spinning reels with three symbol positions and nine paylines. This small layout limits your winning chances, as you must land winning combinations along one of the nine paylines to receive a cash reward. The type of symbols you choose and the amount of money you wager will determine the tips. You can adjust your coin value using the buttons (+) or (-). The other switches on the command bar will allow you to select the number of lines and bet size. When you’re inclined to start the game, click spin.

It would help to bet more on the table to maximize your future winnings. You can use the shortcut bet max to take a significant risk on your next spin. Cross your fingers and aim for the jackpot. The result may surprise you.

Familiar faces on the Reels

Summertime’s paytable contains only classic reel symbols – there are 11 total, so it is a large selection.

Fruits are the most common: cherries, strawberries, and plums. Lemons, oranges, and watermelon pieces with juicy juices are also very popular. These symbols are low-valued, so you will need to win a lot of times to get a big payout.

Combinations of bells, diamonds, red 7s, and gold bars will bring you bigger wins. The value of a 5-diamond combo is 750 times the amount you bet. This is not insignificant. Keep sight of these icons during your game. Summertime is a game that follows a standard symbol menu. There are few innovations in the overall game.

Two more symbols to save the day Summertime is a classic slot machine game with a few special symbols players can collect.

The game’s logo is a wildcard that can be used to replace any symbol previously mentioned and create additional winning combinations. The value of each variety is instantly doubled. Wild combinations are also the most valuable in the game and can give you a prize of up to 10,000 times your bet.

The scatter symbols will also award free spins, regardless of where they appear on the reels. All three or more scatter symbols, whether aligned or not, will trigger 15 free spins, where all winnings will be tripled.

Summertime… the living is easy Summertime is a retro-style slot machine with only nine paylines. It has little charm at first glance.

The bonus features are there to help you out. They will trigger generous cash rewards and many free spins, with multipliers attached. If you want the most out of Summertime, always go for wilds and scatters.

Sun Quest Slots

If you’re lucky, the sun is shining. It’s time to play a fun and quick game.

Sun Quest, a Microgaming video slot game, combines modern graphics with a classic theme based on fruit icons. The game is filled with bright, shiny graphics and hidden surprises.

Read our Sun Quest review to learn how to win the biggest cash prizes.

Bright New Day

Sun Quest is a classic-style slot machine game with a light and positive atmosphere and decent graphics.

The background is gold, with hints of orange that remind you of a sunset. There aren’t many details, but the view is clear and serene. This allows participants to focus on the reels. The command bar is neatly hidden at the bottom of the screen, leaving ample space for a clutter-free game display.

Sun Quest is a classic slot game with fruit symbols all over the screen and a sunset in the background. Let’s take a closer look at the gameplay in the next section.

Reels: How to Get Started

Sun Quest’s basic gameplay is a classic slot game that allows players to customize their bets in various ways before putting the reels in motion.

There are three symbols per reel in the game matrix. Cash prizes can be won by landing winning combinations on these paylines. The amount of cash you receive depends on the type of combination and your stake. Sun Quest relies mainly on luck. However, you can increase your rewards in the future by increasing the amount of money you bet. You can adjust the wager size and number of paylines you want to bet using the command bar below the reels. You can do this by using the (+) and (–) buttons and other shortcuts.

If you feel lucky, click the Bet Max button to bet maximum for your next spin. This risky move can be costly, but it’s also the best way to win.

Reels with familiar faces

Sun Quest’s paytable contains a good selection of reel symbols. All of them are classic slot game icons that most players will instantly recognize.

Cherries, strawberries, oranges, lemons, and watermelons are the most famous icons. A small cash prize will be awarded if you line up the fruit symbols along paylines. These symbols will give you many chances to make multiple combinations.

Sun Quest’s diamond, gold bar, purple seven, and bell symbols are rare but also bring in much more significant wins. For example, five diamonds in a row on a single payline will award the player x1000. Keep your eyes open, and don’t let these symbols escape.

Take advantage of the bonuses

Sun Quest has two additional symbols that act differently than the rest of your paytable. They are ready to change the game in your favor.

The sunset is a wild symbol that can replace any of the icons previously listed in this review. Use it to create extra combinations and win as if all the characters were in place.

The colorful scatter symbol pays cash regardless of where it appears on the reels. To win extra money, you only need to score three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the screen during the same spin.

There’s Nothing New Under the Sun

Sun Quest has a limited amount of originality. Sun Quest is not a very authentic game, despite the name. Beginners could use it as an excellent introduction to slot games. The stakes are reasonable but not incredibly high.

Sun Quest may disappoint players looking for originality and graphics, but it’s a decent and solid slot game with a good paytable and a lot of entertainment value. There is no specific storyline, but you will find plenty of fruits to keep you entertained.