Partners can always buy white-label casinos. They take on all risks when promoting the casino and get their expenses back. This scheme, on the other hand, is very convenient for them. You can get quality software at a fraction of the total price. Your organization’s expenses are minimal. They don’t have to obtain a license, set up support services, or organize processing. A partner can get a grand casino with very little investment and start to promote his brand. While he may only get 50%, he would receive 30-40% for promoting another brand in partnership programs. If the promotion is successful, this scheme allows him to buy out software completely or sell a well-known brand to its gamblers. This is an excellent option for businessmen, especially beginners willing to invest thousands of dollars but not millions in their casino.

White label casino owners feel at ease, even though they may take more significant or more minor risks. What about gamblers? This is not an option for them. First, users are usually only allowed to open an account at one casino and receive bonuses in that particular casino, either a parent one or one with white labels. The latter does not wish to mention any other casinos or parent casinos. Gamblers often find out that they have wasted time and traffic only after registering or making a deposit. The second aspect of gambling is that the risk increases when a new member of interrelations – the white label casino owner – appears. This means that the problem-solution chain becomes more extended, and gamblers are exposed to increased risks when there is a problem with a parent-partner casino.

How do you recognize a white-label casino? It’s not an easy task, as there is rarely any information about the parent casino. However, some casinos include the parent casino indications in their site text or the image. It is possible to identify a white label by calling its support number. This number is the same for a parent casino, although casinos from different groups often use the same number. The poorest casinos can leave the standard site design. You can also go to the software manufacturer’s site – white label casinos will not be listed there. You can also use the search option. Most sites list casinos that offer definite software but do not usually list white labels.

Thus, it turns out that white-label casinos (as well as poker rooms or bookmakers) give good opportunities to businessmen-beginners, who want to have their respectable casinos, but are not ready to invest much. However, this casino is not the best place to gamble. The risks are more significant, so gamblers should gamble at a parent casino.

The white label issue of online casinos and the question about why they are there is the same: they want more money.