Online casinos and online bingo are well-known to any player who plays at least once a month. They both feel the triumph of victory and the bitterness and disappointment of losing. Online casino players are winners once, lose once – that’s normal. So how do they feel when they lose in games like bingo and other virtual casino games? It is possible to say that most players feel cheated. However, players are not being cheated. They are expecting big wins online, and they aren’t being cheated. Sometimes, it turns out we lose faith in the integrity and fairness of online casinos.

This is the thought of 90% of online casino players who lost to the nines. Since you cannot see the dealer with real cards and not at the roulette table, your mind automatically perceives what is going on as a farce that only partially resembles the real thing. It is very easy to understand that online casinos are constantly cheating with their virtual winnings and dealers, but a real loss. What image do we get in simple land-based casinos? Where we can watch the dealer, his cards, and the ball as he jumps on the roulette wheel, but not online? You are not covered against losses here. We can use any traditional casino as an example. You can go to a casino and find that all the tables are full. Waiting for a place at the table is not an option.

You can then expect another surprise. Let’s say that the minimum stake in this casino is $ 10 You start the game, and you lose every time. Sometimes it is because of bad luck. It begs the question: What kind of minds would you have if you were to lose a series in an online casino? Any player would naturally doubt the integrity and fairness of an electronic casino. However, cheating is not possible in an electronic casino game. This is because the dealer and cards are real. The paradox is evident. Online casino players will be able to accept losing series in real casinos, but they would be seen as cheating if the same series is played online. It is important for everyone who plays online bingo to be aware of it and not think negatively about these gaming venues.

2 Gods Zeus vs. Thor Slot Review

Two mighty foes battle it out across the reels of the 2 Gods Zeus vs. Thor slot machine. It’s a five-reel, 2.048-ways to-win game, where you can pick sides in each spin. Will you fight for the Greek god Zeus and win from the left side of the game, or help Norse god Thor and win from the right? Make the right choice to double your payouts.

Wild gods help to complete combinations, and symbols of their powers trigger Win Spins, with a prize guaranteed. You can play the 2 Gods Zeus vs. Thor slot online on PCs and mobile, winning up to 15,360x your stake from the high volatility gameplay.

Let Battle Commence

Zeus’s dramatic image, bathed in red light, stands to the left of the 5×3 symbol grid. His eyes glow, and he’s ready to hurl a lightning bolt across the game to his adversary. Thor stands to the right, in a blue-colored side of the game, hammer in hand.

These characters also appear as symbols on the reels, along with ships, helmets, monsters, and female warriors from Greek and Norse legends. Playing card symbols fill the game, with red-shaded Greek style and blue Norse runes continuing the theme.

It’s an exciting clash of cultures and a change from online slots themed around ancient Greece and the gods of Scandinavia. The 2 Gods Zeus vs. Thor online slot is the work of 4ThePlayer, a company launched in 2019 from a base in the UK.

Play Across 2,048 Ways to Win

Using the Plus and Minus buttons, you select stakes from just 0.10 per spin to a maximum of 20.00. It would be best if you matched symbols in any place on adjacent reels to win, but this system has a unique twist there.

Unlike most games that have to do with a single Spin button, the 2 Gods Zeus vs. Thor slot machine has two, in what 4ThePlayer calls a Dual Spin system. Red Greek symbols pay across 1,024 ways to win, starting from the left side reel, while blue Norse icons pay when landing on reels from the right. That gives you 2,048 different ways to win across the reels.
High volatility gameplay means the gods won’t pay out on every spin but can return relatively big prizes to compensate. The long-term theoretical payback of the 2 Gods Zeus vs. Thor slot machine is 96.5%.

Choose Sides in Each Spin

Why two spin buttons? It’s not overkill, but the key to winning multipliers. If you select the red button and Greek symbols create the win, your prize is doubled in value. The same goes for the Norse-themed characters. If you choose the blue button, they create success from the right side. It’s a simple but exciting feature that still pays out at the standard rate if the win starts from the ‘wrong’ side.

Each god is a stacked wild symbol that fills whole reels when stopping in the right place. Look out for bolts of lightning, or Thor’s hammer, as these are scatter symbols that launch a Win Spins free games bonus feature.

Win Spins are what they sound like. The 2 Gods Zeus vs. Thor online slot lets you pick a color before each Win Spin, and if the choice matches the color, it activates an increasing win multiplier with no upper limit! You get seven or ten spins, depending on the mix of blue or red scatters, and you’ll win a prize from each.