The Fun of Fruit Slots Machine

Today’s age is the world of technological advancement. We are using technology in every aspect of our life. But the biggest invention of the 20th century is the discovery of mobile phones. They made drastic changes in our life. If we have the mobile phones in our hand, then we are handling whole world at our finger tips. They were different at the time when they were invented. At that time they were very big and heavy. But now we have smartphones in our hands. These smartphones are coming in different kinds like Android, windows and iPhones. But I am not here to explain you about the history of mobile phones. I am here to explain you about my first experience with the fruit slots. But my first experience is with this was related to these mobile phones.

My first class with this is not less than a suspense and thriller movie. I was in the college with some of my friends. We were there for some preparation before the semester exams. But when we reached college, we found that our college is closed due to some circumstances. So, we headed to our friend jack’s house, which is living nearby. We planned to do some group study. But you know that, when there are some friends together, they do enjoyment more instead of studying. We were also doing this. After spending some time with our books we planned to do some enjoyment. One of our friends is addicted of playing online game. He insisted all of us to try the multiplayer mode of this. We opened our cellphone and searched for the free download version. We are not able to download the desired version over the internet. My friend has apk file of the application and he shared this with all of us.

We installed the application and made an account over this. Now we all were on the same table and playing with all of us. My friend shared all the cheats regarding the play. On the place of playing for real money, we selected free version of playing. As we started the playing it, we all started enjoying it. On the casino table, we were not friends. We were like the real opponent. We are playing with free bonus coins, but looking like our real dollars are on the sake. We were fighting, commenting like the real players does. We enjoyed a lot on that day. We were not able to know that when the evening arrives. From that day as we all got some free time we start playing this.

The Taste of Fruit Fiesta Slots

Every person has his own personal hobbies. Some peoples have very simple hobbies like they love singing, dancing, reading, etc. But there are some crazy peoples like me who loves travelling to go to new places and explore them. My hobby is that I like to travel in different places, especially at the hill stations. I love to enjoy the beauty of nature by sitting in the lap of the nature. So, for fulfilling my hobby, I traveled to many places. I want to share a story with you about my experience of enjoying more in my hotel room instead of sightseeing. I was in wellington, New Zealand. I was there only for enjoying my holidays. But there an accident happened with me. My travel operator lost my booking information. That was not intentional just by a mistake. So, they promised me to provide all of the booking privileges, but for that I had to wait for one day.

Since I did not have any plan for one day so I decided to stay in my room instead of roaming here and there on the roads of wellington. I opened my Facebook account and started scrolling my timeline. My friend shared a link regarding an online game named as Fruit Fiesta. I played some of these previously but this is a new name appeared to me. I clicked on that link. That link took me to the newly launched website. That site was providing special bonuses to the new customers registered with them. I read all the rules and regulations which are needed before starting it. They were not so complicated. Within few minutes I started playing it. I registered my account and got the free bonus according to the norms of the website. I made my first bet and hit the spin button on the machine. After spinning I have to only wait for the winning combination. But when the reels stop, what I got just made me full of joy. I won the chance with the bonus amount. That bonus amount is so big that I can fund my whole trip. On that day I was thinking that if tour operator was not lost, my information I was not able to win this huge amount. After that now I am a regular visitor of this game. I enjoyed my whole day there with this. This also made my day.

Dogfather – the underworld mafia

I was in Russia with my friend for the industrial visit on behalf of the company which was full of fun. During day time it not harder for me to pass the time but the worst moment which we feel was after evening time. There was nothing to do after having the supper. Sometime we use to go to the Townsville which was near to the hotel and use to have some beers too. But it was not possible to do so daily, when we were in the pub some people were discussing about the online pokies. When I was in my hotel room all alone forced me to go through that, and I made a search for that. I found a game which somehow resembled to a movie which I like the most and even I have read a book (novel) of that. The contest which I went for was DOGFATHER.

The game is basically based on the life of a mafia inspired by a film godfather and it also contains the themes of dog. It is featured with five reels with 20 lines of pay lines slot machine. You will be surprised to see the dog have some tattoo on its body. One can perform much better by going through its blog and its guide. In order to make a better win you will have to match the different symbols which are displayed in slots, with three in a row. The background music is pleasing and you would go for the full album of this on from other sites too with its lyrics which is very awesome. It will give you smaller reward and if you want a bigger win you will have to match some of dogs cartoon. It contains many wild scattered symbols like revolver, knife, cigars etc.

You will be dilemma that you are from whose side, either you are from the side of underworld mafia or you are trying to help the cops. This one provides maximum number of credits which will not allow you to sign out. It will also make you confuse that most of the bonus can be earned from the north end of the map which is being provided. The huge part of this contest is the round of jackpot; you will have to make bet of 900 credits and in return the user will get a massive bounty of 13,000 coins. I was very happy that whenever I feel bored, I just go for it and try to grab as maximum as I can. If you get any murmur related to dog running the world of mafia then go for this one. Check it out.

Bar Bar Black Sheep- The spark goes on

The gambling world is something which is full of rewards and the positive things if played with proper focus and the passionate attitude. There are various things available for help here like the YouTubevideos and the various reviewspresent online for the specific game. Here the question arises about which kind of the game to select from the betting field as there are so many options here. I can suggest here as per my experience that the pokies are the best one in this gaming worldif you get its actual meaning. As there are the maximum ways of winning the highest price here.

Being a frequent player, I sue to play these slot games of the online casinos. And this time, I tried the popular Bar Bar Black Sheep. Like all others, the concept is being powered by the microgaming. It has the theme of a black sheep and it is also used as the wild symbol and also a multiplier. On the first thought, I remembered the baa baa black sheep nursery rhyme. It really made my childhood back with all the lyrics and the fun all of a sudden flowed. My desire of having a trial of this increased more after that.

I went on for some reviews and then came to know that it is a 3 reel and one line pokie with the exciting features for attracting the novice to stick here if once made a trial from heart. There are several spins available for the more chances of gaining and ultimately to keep a jackpot with you. The fantabulous graphics and the animations is that makes this a tasty treat. And so I moved here and spend a very good time sharpening my skills in the slot machines.

I won a good amount here but after few trials. So it was not a cup ok cake to me for the very first day. But then after some day continuous practice made me a good player and a better punter. Now as and when I got time, I use to explore the online sites for the play of my choice and to spend myboring weekends consumed here in some productive is really like a good way of entertainment to me.

A Great Online Pokie to Play with Real Money and No Desposit Required Bonus: Peeping through Private Eye (Also works great in Android in Australia!)

It was very cold in December when I was in Canberra for my industrial visit. It was quite tough to go outside the room; I was sitting all alone which was boring me. As I was aware of the fact that this place is very much famous for the game of pokies and gambling, so I searched online with my iPad. I got a wide variety of pokie games online for free, but I went for one that really got my attention because the graphics were stunning: it was Private Eye and the only downside was that I could only play using real money. However the welcome bonus offer was so generous at Spin Palace that I went for it and ended up getting some really cool free money. At first, something went wrong with my registration because I couldn’t download the casino. But I got in the phone with their customer support and they were actually surprisingly helpful and they suggested I used my Android mobile which I had with me, and then it all worked well. I went for full app before having any trial, which credited me a small prize.

If you are a fan of investigation type movies you will enjoy this lot. This is actually based on solving the cases of criminal cases. The interface is designed in such a way that it will keep your nerves up while going through this. This is themed in the way that it will give you the feel and remembrance of the detective type scenes. There are many symbols depicted such as classical cars, cameras, detectives etc. This contains a set of 5 reels and enormous ways of pay line which maintains the interest. The rewards of this one is totally different from any other whichever I am concerned about. The setup of this is done in the slots which you can use for matching the things scattered wildly.

Going through the user manual provided a new comer can also perform much better than that of old one by using the concept of combination. It gives a reward of about 20 spins which you can use or try to use in the round of jackpot. It was really a hot environment in the cold weather. If you are strong from the heart and brain too this will really thrill you as this is totally the full of risk. I would give an advice to go through this if you want to have fun full of thrill and adventure.

Betway- A place of so many surprises

If I ask a group of people about the betting world, I will get the multiple answers from the different people of the varied taste. This is on the behalf of the enormous variety available on the web in today’s modified world. Now we want everything on a single click in the seconds without much effort. We want the ways of the enjoyment in hand and without consuming time.

And so the online gambling is something which gives us the space and a nice platform to enjoy the games of our choice. My post is about this wonderful way of fun where you can get the immense variety of the games of your choice.The Betway is one of the popular online casinos where the incredible quality of the plays are offered with the comfort of the player kept at the most.

The basic platform of the microgaming and the user friendly features being given is something that is the aim of this place which is achieved for sure with the maximum quality given to each. The look and feel of the site is so cool and it runs so smoothly that I went with immense surprise at once. And this is the reason why the people of Australia love this place to visit frequently for sure.

The basic as well as the progressive jackpots is the impressive feature here with the 5 loyalty points as well to add the spark into it. The other plus points and the bonus features are accessible by the emails and the newsletters. You can find out the reviews for any help.The slots are of the basic charm here but the other varieties are also of the beauty including the roulette, blackjack,bingo and the video poker. I also tried the slots here and appreciated with the welcome bonus.

Another additional feature of this place is that it is licensed and thus safe for each user to share their personal details without any worry. So you can undoubtedly come here if love to be a part of games of the casinos.