Every person has his own personal hobbies. Some peoples have very simple hobbies like they love singing, dancing, reading, etc. But there are some crazy peoples like me who loves travelling to go to new places and explore them. My hobby is that I like to travel in different places, especially at the hill stations. I love to enjoy the beauty of nature by sitting in the lap of the nature. So, for fulfilling my hobby, I traveled to many places. I want to share a story with you about my experience of enjoying more in my hotel room instead of sightseeing. I was in wellington, New Zealand. I was there only for enjoying my holidays. But there an accident happened with me. My travel operator lost my booking information. That was not intentional just by a mistake. So, they promised me to provide all of the booking privileges, but for that I had to wait for one day.

Since I did not have any plan for one day so I decided to stay in my room instead of roaming here and there on the roads of wellington. I opened my Facebook account and started scrolling my timeline. My friend shared a link regarding an online game named as Fruit Fiesta. I played some of these previously but this is a new name appeared to me. I clicked on that link. That link took me to the newly launched website. That site was providing special bonuses to the new customers registered with them. I read all the rules and regulations which are needed before starting it. They were not so complicated. Within few minutes I started playing it. I registered my account and got the free bonus according to the norms of the website. I made my first bet and hit the spin button on the machine. After spinning I have to only wait for the winning combination. But when the reels stop, what I got just made me full of joy. I won the chance with the bonus amount. That bonus amount is so big that I can fund my whole trip. On that day I was thinking that if tour operator was not lost, my information I was not able to win this huge amount. After that now I am a regular visitor of this game. I enjoyed my whole day there with this. This also made my day.