I was in Russia with my friend for the industrial visit on behalf of the company which was full of fun. During day time it not harder for me to pass the time but the worst moment which we feel was after evening time. There was nothing to do after having the supper. Sometime we use to go to the Townsville which was near to the hotel and use to have some beers too. But it was not possible to do so daily, when we were in the pub some people were discussing about the online pokies. When I was in my hotel room all alone forced me to go through that, and I made a search for that. I found a game which somehow resembled to a movie which I like the most and even I have read a book (novel) of that. The contest which I went for was DOGFATHER.

The game is basically based on the life of a mafia inspired by a film godfather and it also contains the themes of dog. It is featured with five reels with 20 lines of pay lines slot machine. You will be surprised to see the dog have some tattoo on its body. One can perform much better by going through its blog and its guide. In order to make a better win you will have to match the different symbols which are displayed in slots, with three in a row. The background music is pleasing and you would go for the full album of this on from other sites too with its lyrics which is very awesome. It will give you smaller reward and if you want a bigger win you will have to match some of dogs cartoon. It contains many wild scattered symbols like revolver, knife, cigars etc.

You will be dilemma that you are from whose side, either you are from the side of underworld mafia or you are trying to help the cops. This one provides maximum number of credits which will not allow you to sign out. It will also make you confuse that most of the bonus can be earned from the north end of the map which is being provided. The huge part of this contest is the round of jackpot; you will have to make bet of 900 credits and in return the user will get a massive bounty of 13,000 coins. I was very happy that whenever I feel bored, I just go for it and try to grab as maximum as I can. If you get any murmur related to dog running the world of mafia then go for this one. Check it out.