Today’s age is the world of technological advancement. We are using technology in every aspect of our life. But the biggest invention of the 20th century is the discovery of mobile phones. They made drastic changes in our life. If we have the mobile phones in our hand, then we are handling whole world at our finger tips. They were different at the time when they were invented. At that time they were very big and heavy. But now we have smartphones in our hands. These smartphones are coming in different kinds like Android, windows and iPhones. But I am not here to explain you about the history of mobile phones. I am here to explain you about my first experience with the fruit slots. But my first experience is with this was related to these mobile phones.

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USSR Grocery Slots

Shopping for groceries in the Soviet Union was never so much fun. The talented team at Evoplay Entertainment has done an excellent job creating the USSR Grocery slot. This five-reel, 25-pay line game has a twist on the left field. This game will surely delight gamblers with its superb graphics, funky music, and dual-mode playing option.

You can remember any doubts you may have had regarding the theme of this new release, even if you dislike grocery shopping. This zany theme features two modes of play: a 5-reel and 3-reel game. You can also determine the level of volatility, which will spice up your game. There are also extra features, such as free spins or multipliers, to boost your winnings. The top prizes in this game are a staggering 25,000.00. This is enough to rekindle any gambler’s interest.

USSR Grocery is not the first video slot from Evoplay Entertainment.USSR 70s is a retro 15-pay line slot that takes players back to a decade before.USSR Grocery’s latest release, however, is a game that offers enhanced gameplay with its dual-mode play. With the added action, gamblers can enjoy more diverse gameplay with just one slot.

This slot machine allows players to grab a shopping trolley and start shopping for as little as 0.25 per round. The coin range is 0.01 to 1, with up to ten coins per payline. The content of bets is 0.25 to 250.00. This should appeal to both budget-conscious and deep-pocketed players.

Software Developers at GSOH

Evoplay Entertainment is the company that developed this game which makes fun of communist life. The company’s development team is located in Ukraine, a country that has only recently experienced communist rule. This Ukrainian team is best known today for its high-quality graphics rendering and HTML5 programming.

Its diverse and entertaining slots catalog is characterized by a unique style that often displays a quirky sense of humor.USSR Grocery is the latest title from the European developer in a long line of games.

Two Slots for the price of one

A grim grocery store has peeling walls and a fly buzzing around. With her arms folded, the cashier looks like she is running a Gulag. Three shelves are filled with pickled vegetables, cans, and packets. These groceries are arranged in a 5×3 format as the reels turn, providing typical winning combinations of three to five. The winning combinations can be worth up to 3000x the line bet. With low volatility, players can expect regular wins.