Today’s age is the world of technological advancement. We are using technology in every aspect of our life. But the biggest invention of the 20th century is the discovery of mobile phones. They made drastic changes in our life. If we have the mobile phones in our hand, then we are handling whole world at our finger tips. They were different at the time when they were invented. At that time they were very big and heavy. But now we have smartphones in our hands. These smartphones are coming in different kinds like Android, windows and iPhones. But I am not here to explain you about the history of mobile phones. I am here to explain you about my first experience with the fruit slots. But my first experience is with this was related to these mobile phones.

My first class with this is not less than a suspense and thriller movie. I was in the college with some of my friends. We were there for some preparation before the semester exams. But when we reached college, we found that our college is closed due to some circumstances. So, we headed to our friend jack’s house, which is living nearby. We planned to do some group study. But you know that, when there are some friends together, they do enjoyment more instead of studying. We were also doing this. After spending some time with our books we planned to do some enjoyment. One of our friends is addicted of playing online game. He insisted all of us to try the multiplayer mode of this. We opened our cellphone and searched for the free download version. We are not able to download the desired version over the internet. My friend has apk file of the application and he shared this with all of us.

We installed the application and made an account over this. Now we all were on the same table and playing with all of us. My friend shared all the cheats regarding the play. On the place of playing for real money, we selected free version of playing. As we started the playing it, we all started enjoying it. On the casino table, we were not friends. We were like the real opponent. We are playing with free bonus coins, but looking like our real dollars are on the sake. We were fighting, commenting like the real players does. We enjoyed a lot on that day. We were not able to know that when the evening arrives. From that day as we all got some free time we start playing this.