With so many online slots available, the Grand Circus is what I enjoyed the most. Aside from winning up to $22,240, I enjoyed the free spin bonus, multipliers, and scatter symbols that helps in multiplying my winnings. The 5 reel and 20 payline video poker is enough to multiply my bets. By just betting $0.01 to $1, you can instantly win top bonuses without too much effort. The maximum wager is $20 that offers bigger chances of winning.

I played this pokie Australia since I was in college. This one is my stepping ground to becoming an expert casino player. The rules are very simple; therefore beginners will never experience hard times to start their spin. The Grand Circus has help button that includes all frequently asked questions.

The theme of this game is very user- friendly. The color is vibrant and crisp, which gives detailed outlines to symbols. Symbols included in the machine are elephants, lions, bears, snacks, clowns, cages, tents, and more. These symbols are developed from keen details to make them comical, fun, and appealing. If you include the background music, this pokie game portrays over-all perfection.

I highly recommend this online video machine to all players out there. This is not only for beginner but for experts, also. You are to win bigger prizes for every spin, so grab the opportunity to double your bets in just minutes of playing as it feel as if you have won lotteries. Yes, I say minutes because it’s possible.

When you luckily land on the circus tent symbol, the bonus round is activated. Win more than 20 bonus coins and free spin for each of your bet.

This is an amazing slot that gives outstanding experience to players. My most unforgettable gaming moments are from this casino machine. I know that you’ll also enjoy and love the game, the way I embrace and love it.