Online Pokies With No Deposit Bonus for Aussies

I believe every child must have experienced this fear at least once in a life. And the same thing happened with me as my elder brother used to tease me by saying that there is a monster in my closet.  And I was so afraid with the story that I didn’t open the same closet for months. Well now the time has been changed and now I am playing this Australian casino slot machine which are available now, that is based on the same theme.

But here the difference is that the monster won’t be scaring you and in fact will be helping you to win some real money. Yes here I am talking about one of the most popular Australian slot called Monster in the closet. It is a 5 reel, 9 pay line gaming machine from Micro gaming and can be found pretty easily at most of the top online casinos. This pokie uses the bogeyman as its theme which includes monsters a child might dream about, with big rows of teeth, big giant eyes, and fierce colors.

So after knowing about the slot I very first decided to look at the reviews also. As I have made this my practice to check reviews and ratings of the slot machine before putting the real money in to it. But as I was playing this pokie for the first time so I also watch the tutorial videos of it on YouTube.

And after getting all satisfied with the spec, reviews and ratings of the slot machine, I finally downloaded it on my mobile phone to play it. I also brought the credits to play it with the real money as the winning amount percentage gets double if you play with the real money and luckily I made a large sum of money as well.